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Serving your Home and Small Business Computer Network needs

Welcome to the DFW Home PC Networks.com site. Our goal is to provide you with a secure powerful, fast network in your home or small business location that will serve all of your current and future computing needs. The initial consultation is always free and there is never any obligation to use our products and services. We are and will always be in the business of being there to help our clients and also to help educate you so that your computing and network experiences are safe, productive and rewarding in all aspects.

Many ISP's (Internet Service Providers) will offer to setup your home or small business networks as an upsale to the actual internet connectivity service you are purchasing. In some cases they will send you the components for you to do the setup yourself. Other options involve them sending out a technician for an additional cost who will bring the equipment, set it up and more often than not leave as soon as he/she verifies that one of your systems has connectivity to the internet without asking or offering to assist you in setting up standard services such as email and network printing, or verifing that your other computers are networked properly. You are then faced with the remaining option - call tech support and that is usually an eventful experience.

Before settling for the option of having a tech come out, call us and we will tell you everything you need to know so that you can make the best possible decision for your situation which could very well entail having the ISP tech come out or it could mean having them send you the equipment which usually entails no costs to you and then having one of our techs come to you and get your network up and running exactly they way you deserve. Either way, after you've spoke to us you'll have a better sense of the direction that suits your needs best.


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